Anger Attacks

In this blog I am going to talk about the ways that being abused as a child stuck with me deep into my adult life. It is amazing that parents who abuse and the children who are abused do not know that they live in an abusive situation. In my opinion, most abusive parents think they are doing what’s good for their children. I thought that we were the average normal family. As a young adult, I went about fighting in a war, getting a college education, getting married, having children and supporting my family…. Continue reading Anger Attacks

Inspiration for writing “When Love Doesn’t Start At Home”

How often do we look at someone and think, what a jerk, because of something they said or did? We write them off, not understanding why this person is the way they are. This thing that caused our negative reaction may have happened years ago, yet we were never able to give the person credit for maturing or growing…. Continue reading Inspiration for writing “When Love Doesn’t Start At Home”