God gave us dogs

I write a little about dogs in my book but do not do them justice. I believe that God gave us dogs to teach us some valuable lessons about life and how to treat the people we care about.

Dogs pay attention. They know instantly when we are angry, sad or happy. They give us love in our times of sadness and always let us know that they are there for us.

Dogs can tell us more with their eyes than most people can with 5,000 words. They can’t speak our language but their body language has great communication skills.

All the dogs I have had in my life were very loyal and one might get bitten if they tried to harm me. I even had dogs put themselves in between a rattlesnake and me.

As I write this blog, my dog Sophie, lies next to me sleeping. She has been by my side for 14 years. We rescued her when she was three years old from being put to sleep the next day. I walked by her and looked into her eyes and she pleaded with me to save her. What a blessing she has been in our lives. I wrote this poem for her:

Always there with love, never caring how much you give back—that is what unconditional love does, withstanding all attacks.


A dog does not care what you look like, what color you are, if your name is on a plaque, or if you are a quack, for its love for you nothing will distract.

Meeting you at the door each time you come home, tail wagging that will not subside. Their actions tell you how much you are loved as they wiggle, push and shove.


God sent us dogs to teach what unconditional love should look like. It is all about being of service to someone you love with delight. Caring should have no conditions, because love is not a competition.


I hope when I go to heaven that my dog will meet me there; I do not ever want to be without her loving stare.


I first learned to love through falling in love with a dog. I know that is sad, but I thank God for sending me that first dog and my first lesson about love.

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