Inspiration for writing “When Love Doesn’t Start At Home”

How often do we look at someone and think, what a jerk, because of something they said or did? We write them off, not understanding why this person is the way they are. This thing that caused our negative reaction may have happened years ago, yet we were never able to give the person credit for maturing or growing.

I wrote, When Love Doesn’t Start At Home, so that some of the lasting effects of child abuse could be brought to light. The abuse not only changes the life of the person abused, but the lives of everyone who comes in contact with that person. I also wanted the book to illustrate to the abused, in whatever form it occurred, that by recognizing the abuse, talking about it and seeking professional help, one could move past it.

I did not realize that my childhood abuse carried forward into adulthood until I was in my forties. Crazy things started to happen with my temper, my outlook on life and the relationships with those around me. My work and personal life both started to sour.

Only when I started to talk with my wife about my feelings did she and I start to understand the demons I was fighting. This understanding did not come overnight.

Many years of conversation and counseling lead me to write my book, my healing instrument. Through this process, God led me to recognize and acknowledge my demons, and in order to heal myself, to understand that I must learn to forgive.

We all have scars left by life.  We have negative things happen to us that we have no control over, these situations change our lives. It may take us weeks or years to adjust to these changes. These times are when we most need the people who care for us to step up and help us get through it.

So the next time you are sitting on a park bench watching people and someone walks by that looks or acts a little strange, take a moment to consider the trauma that may have happened in their life.

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