Question Asked

I am asked, “Why did you decide to write poetry on your life experiences rather than a memoir?” This question got me to thinking. The first 50 years of my life, if anyone had told me I would write poetry or books, I would have thought him or her to be crazy.   Now I have completed one book and have three more in the works and I look eagerly forward to writing.

Just living to age 74 has given me so many ideas to write about because of what I have experienced. I have been on earth during five major wars and eleven presidents. I have seen the first computer, which covered many floors of a building, and cell phones that have the power of that first computer which now fit in your pocket. I could write many books.

When my daughter, Kaylee, was small, we would play games rhyming things while we drove in the car – this was fun and we all enjoyed it. When I started writing my book, Poetry of a Dysfunctional Family, I realized I could say things in a poem that I could not say speaking or writing. When it came time to write anything that was very emotional to me, a poem always happened. I have read that writing or journaling is a way for people to heal from things in their past. I believe this because it certainly helps me put my heartfelt thoughts down on paper. I don’t consider myself a poet; I think I am a rhymer. My brother, Gerald, in my opinion is a real poet. His words seem to flow like the wind through the trees. He has won some awards for some of his poems.

There are so many things that our minds have to keep track of these days and it is hard for us to have a clear picture of where our life is going or where we have been. I am a firm believer that putting our thoughts and future actions down on paper keeps us focused. My family has several writers in it. My brother, Earle, wrote his biography, my brother, Gerald, is publishing a book of his poems and my niece, Regina, has written 8 books.

I believe that writing helps one to understand the things that life has brought your way, how you handled the situations, how they affected your life, and what you have become because of them. Each person we pass walking down the street has an interesting story to tell about his or her life. Yes, I believe everyone should write his or her own book. You don’t have to publish it.

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