A note from a friend

I received a note today from a friend whom I have not seen for years. A notification was sent to her about my new book, Poetry of a Dysfunctional Family. [Please note that Poetry of a Dysfunctional Family was the original title of When Love Doesn’t Start At Home.]

     This is what she wrote, “ Dear Sam, I was so surprised, proud and happy to receive the post card with the announcement of your book. I had no idea of the journey you and your brother experienced, but from the words on the card, I know your story is going to touch, move and inspire many (just ordered a copy on Amazon). Count me among your supportive friends who are heart broken knowing what you endured and proud of where it brought you. God is using you in mighty ways – Congratulations on this book!!”

This little note was so appreciated and at the same time made me think. Most of the people in my life have no idea that I came from a dysfunctional home. Being abused as a child is something that the abused person does not want to talk about. It has been my experience that the healing process began when I did start to talk about it.

I often think about my father-in-law and what he went through as a navigator in a bomber in WWII, a fighter pilot in Korea and a fighter pilot in Vietnam. He fought in three wars for our country and I am sure came home with many horrible things imbedded in his mind. He had so many medals on his breast that I thought just the weight of them made him lean forward a bit. He never spoke about these horrors that he must have endured. I imagine that late in the night he fought many demons, yet he was always a very positive man. I have often wondered if he needed someone close to discuss these horrors with.

We, as a people, very seldom think about what people around us have gone through in their lives. I believe we would all be better off if we try to find and understand the demons our friends may be fighting.

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